One more year of my quest for IAS has passed.New victors have arrived and old ones will slowly fade into history.Some vanquished will make another attempt towards their goal while others will modify their goals of life and move on.And this cycle shall continue.

Looking at so many cogs in this great wheel,I feel quite equanimous.Preparing for two and a half years and not getting even to the interview stage makes you feel bad especially when some aspirants are are cracking the exam in their first attempt at such a young age.But then, you see many fellow aspirants who have toiled even harder and still struggling (often smilingly).

Thinking a bit deeper,I find that we can be successful irrespective of what tag world gives us.My success lies in living this moment fully.As Abraham Lincoln rightly said-“people are as happy as they make up their mind to be”.

Surely, the result is not in my hand but hard work is.I refuse to get bogged down by failures.I will try to live this moment mindfully and become a victor every moment.