The very first question that should come to our mind while finding the answer to this question is what purpose does a goodwill ambassador serve?

Crudely put,he/she is meant to attract people’s and sponsors’ attention to the event.This helps bring more crowd and money into the game.Given cash-strapped Indian sports (except Cricket!!),many argue that any celebrity is fine until money keeps coming.Further,the argument that only a sportsperson should be a sponsor is untenable because celebrities have been used across the sectors be it polio immunisation scheme ,tourism or voter sensitization.

While I agree with the second argument,I don’t agree with the first argument.Ethically,attracting money from any source is not justified.Salman Khan has tainted track record of allegedly killing people on the footpath and also Blackbuck.Further, we have no dearth of celebrities in sports who can attract eyeballs.

As far as financing is concerned,I think reforming corrupt Sports association is more important.Even if Salman Khan brings money,we can’t we sure that it won’t be used to finance association members’ family trips.

Last but not the least, as former hockey player of India rightly put,it is the success in sport which will attract them all.Once we start winning medals,every sport can become popular in India.This requires the focus on athletes which is missing at present.