Deadly terror attack in Dhaka shows the rising problem of Islamic terrorism in Bangladesh in recent years.This comes amid Sheikh Hasina government’s crackdown on Jamaat-e-Islami leaders convicted of war crimes during 1971 war.

Though terror attacks are not uncommon in Bangladesh but the frequency has increased in recent years.Most attackers proclaim their allegiance to al-Qaeda or ISIS,though some experts say that such attacks are a handiwork of small local radical organisations who have remote or no link with these terror organisations.Given the “decentralisation of terror” due to online propaganda,such view does hold some ground.This means it will be increasingly difficult for the government to control such events especially lone wolf attacks.

However,this doesn’t exonerate the government.In fact, Sheikh Hasina government has been accused of being slow and lackadaisical on this issue.Probably,it is due to political expediency given that she has already faced a lot of wrath from Islamists  and doesn’t want to anger them more so that situation goes beyond her control.

In any case, it doesn’t auger well for a secular country like Bangladesh.This is a worrying scenario for India as well whose eastern states are closely affected by Bangladeshi affair.Attacks on Hindu may increase communal tensions in Assam and West Bengal.It may lead to Hindu exodus which will create refugee crisis in these states.Further,if these terrorists are found to have links in India then it will affect bilateral relations as well.

So,there is urgent need to beef up the intelligence apparatus and quick response during such attacks.The culprits should be brought to the justice for retaining faith in law and order.Religious authorites should condemn such attacks (recent terror attack was on holy month of Ramzan) and issue fatwa against such organizations.In the end,it is all up to society to choose its path.