India’s relation with Pakistan has seen a steady decline since Pathankot attack.The war of words intensified and even Independence day couldn’t offer the solace.Though this is not a new phenomenon in sinusoidal Indo-Pak relation but what is intriguing is that India is now taking combative posture against Pakistan.PM Modi’s mention of Baluchistan in his Independence day speech (undisputably one of the most important annual speech by an Indian PM ) and Foreign Ministry asking Pakistan to vacate PoK  indicates a shift in our Pak policy.

Obviously,columnists and experts have started analysing the future implication of combative policy.On the face of it,it does appear sensible given that our lenient approach hasn’t born fruits.Moreover, the global community on our side due to escalation in terrorism especially in first world countries (and Pakistan being power house of terrorism and India,its cheif victim).The “no nonsense” attitude projects India as a strong nation within and outside.This is relevant given terrorists and speratists are giving a hard time in kashmir.

However,there are few flip side as well.First, it will encourage “hawks” and discourage “doves” on the both sides.Second,it will make resumption of dialogue difficult and fragile.In fact,belligerent stance may have downward spiralling effect with both sides taking tougher stand.I am reminded of a contrasting example when India’s comments were very measured just after Pathankot attack even though there were clear links with Pakistan

In a nutshell we can say that Pakistan is a difficult neighbour and we have to live with it at least for a forceable future.This is mainly because Army which is de facto government of Pakistan doesn’t want good relations with India,obviously to keep itself relevant.Hence,India should try to nurture relation as much as it can to strengthen their democratic governement.But this should not come at the cost of national interest.In such a turbulent times,each step should be taken with utmost carefulness.