Another cycle of violence in Kashmir is slowly subsiding after more than 50 days of curfew in the valley (the biggest ever in the valley).Like earlier All-Party delegation will visit the valley and talk to the stakeholders.Quite predictably,nothing concrete will happen and valley will again face the bout of violence maybe 2-3 years later.So, what needs to be done?

First thing that needs to be understood that it is highly unlikely that Pakistan wants a solution to Kashmir problem.Though it doesn’t mean we should discontinue dialogues.But in my opinion, a better option is to check the factors by which Pakistan has influence in Kashmir i.e; through terrorist groups and separatists.Terror could be curbed by better border management and intelligence and separatists hold will decrease if there is sustained peace in the valley.Interestingly,these factors are only effective if they get support from Kashmiris.

So,essentially this problem is internal.I think there is a lack of political will to solve this problem.Either they are complacent about the problem or are benefitted from the unrest.

So, dialogues with the Kashmiris should start but with some sort of assurance and time frame.Just like Finance Commission or Pay Commission,a body should be constituted which has sufficient clout to influence Government’s decisions.Further,two main problems are AFSPA and future of Article 370.It is high time to revisit AFSPA and amend it to prevent excesses of the Army.It should be confined to few disturbed pockets and not the whole state.

Regarding Article 370,we should see it as a bridge rather than a wall between J&K and rest of India.Given the historical and present context,we need Article 370.The decision to repeal it should rest with the people of J&K.

Kashmir was once called Paradise on Earth.We should all works together so that it regains its rightful place.