Rashmirathi is a poem written by one of the greatest Hindi poets,Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’.It’s about Karn, a character in great Hindu epic,Mahabharata who lived a life full of difficulties.

I am passing through a similar phase.A difficult civil services exam with the burden of two previous failures and uncertainty about future.Added to it is my father’s illness who is struggling with blood cancer at Vellore,much far away from where I am right now.I wish I could be with him at this crucial juncture.

But life moves on.I am not the only one with difficulties.People have lived a much harder life and come out successful.I am reminded of these lines from the poem

“चाँदनी पुष्प-छाया मे पल,
नर भले बने सुमधुर कोमल,
पर अमृत क्लेश का पिए बिना,
आताप अंधड़ में जिए बिना,
वह पुरुष नही कहला सकता,
विघ्नों को नही हिला सकता”

He goes on to glorify hard work

“वसुधा का नेता कौन हुआ?
भूखंड-विजेता कौन हुआ?
अतुलित यश-क्रेता कौन हुआ?
नव-धर्म-प्रणेता कौन हुआ?
जिसने न कभी आराम किया,
विघ्नों में रहकर नाम किया”

Indeed, no one ever achieved anything worthwhile without hard work.